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Tootpay's Mobile Financial Solution Helps Remove Barriers to Mobile Banking and Paymemt.

Mobile Phone Type Independent

Must be able to work on all STK supported handsets including low end phones.

Works on all the major mobile OS : Windows Mobile, Apple, Symbian, Android, etc.

Telco Independent

Service independent of Telcos - does not require any registration with telco.

Operator independent and can therefore be used by account holders regardless of their mobile service provider.

Inexpensive Deployment

Low cost to deploy, leveraging on existing resources and infrastructure.

Enabling banking on the go with a wide array of features and functions.

Ease of Use

Menu driven for ease of use.

Virtually plug-and-play.

Secure Transactions

Secured End to End SMS Encryption (3DES Encryption with key length of 168 bits) offers a full spectrum of security features that protect access end-to-end from the end user to the bank.

Comply with Central Bank 2 factor authentications (2FA).

Tootpay's mobile financial solution helps banks and financial
institutions have a seamless mobile banking deployment; it works on
almost any mobile device - flexible, encrypted, menu driven and without internet.


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